Higher Ground Trails prides itself on building fun, safe and sustainable trails for all trail users and ability levels.

Our Value

We have always been about designing and building trails with excellence.

High Quality and Reliable Services

Higher Ground Earthworks prides itself in providing the highest standards of quality workmanship and environmental awareness. A professional mountain biking background and over twenty years experience as a heavy equipment operator qualifies Troy Heflin and his company the experience, skill, and perspective to build the best trails.

High Alpine Terrain Trails

Higher Ground Trails specializes in building trails in challenging, high alpine terrain and remote areas.

Environmentally Aware

Higher Ground Trails has built many trails in fragile ecosystems and sensitive areas. We have followed the most environmentally aware and stringent regulations.


Higher Ground Earthworks has been building trails for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on building professional, sustainable and fun multi-use trails. Our trails are used for mountain biking, cross-country skiing, hiking, winter biking, motorcycling, horse-back riding, and more.

We provide the highest standards of quality workmanship and environmental awareness.

We also consult with resorts and real estate developers to advise on trail projects for new builds or renovations.

Our mission is to build fun, safe and sustainable trails for all trail users and ability levels.


Mountain Biking Trails

Bike Park Trails

Pump Tracks

Flow Trails

Other Projects

We are also hired for:

  • ATV Trails
  • Motocross single track trails
  • Big Bike Trails
  • Fat Bike Trails
  • Horseback riding trails
  • Excavating
  • Snow Removal
  • River Restoration

We have been building trails in and around Colorado for over 14 years. We have been involved in various projects, ranging from mountain biking trails, private horseback riding trails for large properties and river restoration for mountain towns and municipalities.

We specialize in being involved in the creative process. It’s one of our favorite parts of the project. We have the ability to work with abstract, remote areas and craft beautifully designed and interesting trails.

We provide everything needed: equipment, planning, fuel, tools, labor, mobilization.


Troy and his staff have played an essential role in the design, construction, and maintenance of much of the Town of Breckenridge’s world-class trail system. For years, Troy and his crew have worked collaboratively with Town staff to envision, plan, and construct the trails that serve our community’s needs. His work has resulted in outstanding … Continue reading Eric Mamula, Mayor of Breckenridge

Eric Mamula, Mayor of Breckenridge